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What to do when fed up?

Life is what you want life to be….if you think it is screwed then it is screwed, if you say I am fed up you get fed up and you feel down hearted or even suicidal. So always tell your brain life is good, I have two hands, two legs and every other organ and many people in the world don’t have that and you will feel good. Reclaim your personality and start affirming how wonderful you are. Repeat ‘I am good, I am wonderful, I am loving and so on. Focus on what you have and not what you lost. Be grateful for your life, all things you have and never think of what is missing.

Being fed up or stressed out is a universal problem which can be suffered by everyone at one point in life or the other because of certain events that take place in our lives on a daily basis. Anybody, young and old, can be stressed out but the actual problem is that stress if not well controlled or managed can lead to other severe or major health problems.

You get fed up or stressed out because of the failure of your mind to respond correctly to real or imagined emotional or physical threats you are facing. There are a thousand and one things that can cause stress. They include environmental problems such as food, housing, health, freedom and mobility. Others are social issues such as conflicts, deaths, births, poverty, unemployment, heartbreaks, marriage, and divorce. Just anything that happens on earth can lead to stress.

Common symptoms of stress include tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, sadness, fever, and accelerated heart rate. Other symptoms are loss of memory, irritability, fear, and muscular tension.

One of the best ways to overcome being fed up or stressed out is to deal with the root cause of your stress. If you succeed in handling the root cause of stress you have succeeded in overcoming stress. Take the bull by the horn and deal with what is troubling you. Learn to say “No” and saying it no matter what happens. There are certain demands that your boss in the office or your family members may make and all you have to do in order to avoid being stressed out is to say “No” politely.

You have to see the problems of life from a positive point of view. Stop seeing life as a do or die affair. Stop seeing life as “winner takes it all and loser loses all”. Imagine life is like a coin that has both a head and a tail. And life can present “head” today and then present “tail” tomorrow. Stress can be easily overcome by developing a positive mental attitude towards the circumstances of life.

Another way of overcoming stress is by taking a deep breath whenever you feel down or negative. Being fed up steals your energy from you so when you take a deep breath you become revived or rejuvenated. Your strength becomes renewed when you take a deep breath.

When fed up or stressed out do not be alone in a room. Go out and meet new people and see new places or just take a walk round your neighbourhood and you will release some muscular tension and anxiety associated with being stressed out.

Furthermore, stress can be minimized by getting a sleep or taking a nap. Remember that stress can cause headaches but when you sleep your brain cells become relaxed thus relieving your head of the aches. Finally,. For, example if family crisis is the source of stress all you have to do is to call the parties involved to order, talk to them before the problem degenerates into something more serious.

Heartbreaks always make us feel that life is pointless. You get fed up with life. But you only need to get some fresh air to have a different perspective in life. Change your attitude to change your mental state and your life. See the positive side of life and never focus on the negative things.